Niloofar, my lovely niece, is sick in bed because of a car accident. She is in semi-conscious state, and she lost almost all her main abilities. She does not talk… but she expresses all her pains and feelings with her eyes. Due to my sensitivity, I translated these looks more and better than anyone else; image into words…so I started taking photo of Niloofar and I photographed her more than 100 frames.
Despite her tall posture, Niloofar is bent, and I found it weird that most of her photos have limited forms. I’ve combined them with paintings of Ophelia, and also with photos of a famous photographer who has depicted disabled people; at the end that was how I created a new Ophelia.
I used the hot wax with Jasper Johns and Roman Encaustic technique. Niloofar was more stable and immobile under these waxes. The frozen state after the intense heat of wax, made me closer to the concept in my mind.